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Can-you-use-metal-in-a-convection-microwave-oven, typically, you cannot use metal in a microwave oven. in combination type microwaves however, you can use metal as long as it is in convection mode.. But before you do it, here are a few things to know: 1. check your owner's manual. most microwave guides will let you know whether you can safely use materials like aluminum foil, metal trays, and ..., yes you can, in a standard conventional or convection oven but not in a microwave oven. asked in cooking equipment, food safety what can't you put in a microwave oven ? metal and some plastic. What is an allusion in chapter 3 of the outsiders. which is more reactive phosphorus or chlorine. which was not a result of the baby boom that followed world war ii answers apex, yes, you can use metal pans in the convection oven. if it is a combination microwave/convection, you can still use a metal pan - just ensure that it is set to convection. login to reply the answers....

In a microwave convection oven combo, an extra heating element and fan circulate hot air around the cavity, letting you bake and roast food with home-cooked results., cook in a convection microwave using the combination setting when you would like your food to finish especially quickly, with a well-done interior as well as a crispy exterior. the microwave rays penetrate thick foods, like whole birds, for quick cooking, while the convection currents and ambient heat give the outside a nice finish..

After the manual that came with my apollo combo microwave it says it grills microwaves and bakes as a convection oven i notice in one part of manual it says use the rack and tray with pans you would use in an oven if you are using the combo or the convection… but use plastic if you are microwaving….

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