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Can-you-use-a-convection-microwave-as-an-oven, microwave ‘oven’ and a convection oven use different technologies of heating up the food. hence one cannot produce the results of the other. a convection oven has heating rods on the base and ceiling of the oven which cook the food, whereas a micr.... It sounds impossible, but there are some people who do not know how to use a convection microwave oven. of course, it is not something to be ashamed of., in a microwave convection oven combo, an extra heating element and fan circulate hot air around the cavity, letting you bake and roast food with home-cooked results..

R/cooking: /r/cooking is a place for the cooks of reddit and those who want to learn how to cook. post anything related to cooking here, within …, advantages of a convection microwave oven. there are several options in the market when it comes to microwaves. you could buy a traditional microwave or be more adventurous and purchase a convection microwave oven.they are usually available as a built-in or a compact microwave.. Most convection microwaves will allow you to cook with microwave radiation only (timed cooking), convection only (cooking with hot, circulating air, at a particular temperature), or both at the same time. choose the microwave setting for things you would traditionally microwave, particularly for short periods of time., the big question; “can you use a convection oven as an air fryer?” i am going to help you answer that question for you and a few others along the way. the answer to that question has to do with scale rather than function. what do we mean? you can use a convection oven as an air fryer because an air fryer is simply a smaller convection oven..

After the manual that came with my apollo combo microwave it says it grills microwaves and bakes as a convection oven i notice in one part of manual it says use the rack and tray with pans you would use in an oven if you are using the combo or the convection… but use plastic if you are microwaving…., turkey and chicken, on the other hand, need to be cooked all the way, which means well-done.but with a convection oven, you have a choice between lowering the temperature or shortening the cooking time. and in general, it's six of one, half a dozen of the other.

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