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Breville-microwave-not-heating, my breville microwave is turning round but not heating anything up - answered by a verified au appliance technician. If your microwave oven doesn’t heat, you may have a problem with the magnetron. this component is part of the high voltage circuit and provides the microwaves that generate the heat. if the magnetron is defective, the unit may blow a fuse, or you may still have all other functions operating normally., i have a breville bre997ssg for 6 years. i find it great as the stainless steel body is easy to clean. it stopped heating food today. i unplugged the cable, removed the 5 screws holding the outer casing, gently removed the long white plastic sausage case at the bottom next to the transformer, snapped it open, removed the fuse, which was blown and replaced the fuse..

A microwave that does not heat up may have a broken magnetron. this is the part that makes the heat to cook the food. if it is broken, it may blow a fuse in your microwave which could lead to other components failing. how to test microwave magnetron with a multimeter:, problem – you attempt use your microwave and instead of heating your food it just makes a buzzing noise. it is likely that it has a defective capacitor. a capacitor is a device that stores electricity. a microwave oven usually has a high-voltage capacitor that is central to the operation of the unit..

My first thought would be a blown magnetron. on microwaves, these can generally go dead, usually with a popping sound. i think there might also be a fuse in your microwave, but i do believe that if it was a blown fuse, your mw would not start up. the technician should also not forget the door... - microwave, take the guess work out of cooking, reheating and defrosting. breville microwaves offer smart presets that put all the power at your fingertips. learn more..

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