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Bottling-fruit-in-microwave-oven, bottling fruit in microwave recipes from the best food bloggers. bottling fruit in microwave recipes with photo and preparation instructions. Bottling fruit has never been so quick and easy! 5-minute microwave bottling is the ideal book for busy families who want to make the most of their home-grown food. when bottling and preserving in a microwave oven the finished products are closer to their natural form than with more conventional methods., i'm referring to a book "low sugar microwave bottling - natural fruit preserving in the microwave - isabel webb" published the five mile press, po box 327 poole dorset bh15 2rg, united kingdom, 1st published 1990..

Put fruit and orange rind in a large microwave-proof bowl that holds at least 2 litres. if you use a pyrex jug it has measurements on the outside that enable you to determine the amount of sugar..., prepare the fruit. for apricots, just cut in half and remove the seed. for pears and apples, peel, core and cut into wedges or chunks. put the fruit in preserving jars.. Place jars in microwave. cook on high for about three minutes for each jar - a total of six minutes. when small bubbles appear on fruit, sufficient cooking has taken place. top up to overflowing with hot syrup.

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