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Bati-in-microwave-oven, dal bati is a traditional dish from rajasthan. authentic bati is roasted in earthen ware. but worry not. here is the recipe to make bati in microwave oven. it is really very easy and the bati are super yummy and delicious. you actually do not need to dip in the ghee. serve with dal and plain salad.. Dal baati is a traditional indian dish composed of lentils, roasted wheat balls and spicy mango pickles. the dish is very flavorful and full of spices like red chili and coarsely ground mustard. the baati, or roasted wheat balls, absorb some of the flavors of the lentils while also helping to cool ..., rajasthani bati in microwave | bati recipe in microwave | rajasthani dal bati recipe | microwave recipes | dal baati | mummy's magic dal-bati is a famous raj....

How to cook bati in microwave oven /microwave bati/microwave mai bati kaise banaye - duration: 6:30. vandana pareek 19,500 views. 6:30., this one is actually a malavi variation of bati- called the bafla. the only difference is that it involves boiling the bati before baking. tastes almost the same, and since microwave hardens the traditional batis, bafla proves the perfect variation for microwave, if you do not have gas tandoor..

Even now you can make dal bati without oven. however,nowadays you can also make bati in microwave oven. dal baati ki dal is also a speciality in itself.panchmel dal or panchratna dal is a combination of 5 lentils.this dal has a great flavor due to varied textures. churma is a sweet coarse powder of few dough balls., 1. combine the lentils with 1 1/2 cups of water in a large glass microwave-safe bowl (a 2.5 qt/2.4 l bowl is a good size). cook on high, uncovered, for about 14 minutes. (this should be enough time under a standard setting, but you may need to adjust the recipe by a minute or two, depending on your microwave).

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