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Are-dunkin-donuts-bowls-gluten-free, believe it or not, but if you’re looking for gluten free coffees and drinks, dunkin donuts is great place to stop. sure the shelves lined with donuts and bags might look like a cross contamination nightmare, but the changes of that are quite low, if the staff is made aware of your allergy.. Dunkin’ bowls are available now at participating dunkin’ restaurants nationwide for a limited time only. however, if you're looking for a gluten-free guarantee, or if you have celiac disease, you'll probably want to look elsewhere for breakfast. article update 03/07/2020, here is the complete dunkin’ donuts gluten-free menu.dunkin’ donuts might not be the place you’re looking for if you were hoping for a lot of gluten-free snacks. if you’re just going for a drink, all of their beverages are gluten-free..

Dunkin' donuts offers a variety of coffee, tea and flavorings formulated without gluten. and, if you like to personalize your coffee with sweeteners or cream, the dunkin' donuts site offers an interactive menu that allows you to customize your drink online and review any potential allergens, including wheat. however, the site does not list gluten as an allergen, which means some drinks may ..., dunkin' donuts is a gluten-filled donut heaven.for many people like me, that sounds amazing. but for some people, like my dear, gluten-intolerant roommate richy, that sounds like a tantalizing nightmare that may end in giving in to the gluten, resulting in a long day of bloating, discomfort, and getting to know your toilet better..

The egg white bowl is made with egg whites, spinach, roasted potatoes, cheddar cheese, and caramelized onions. it clocks in at a very lean 250 calories, and has 14g of protein.

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