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African-american-furniture-maker-north-carolina, thomas day (1801-1861) was a free black furniture craftsman and cabinetmaker in milton, caswell county, north carolina. born a free black man in dinwiddie county, virginia, day moved to milton in 1817 and became a highly successful businessman, boasting the largest and most productive workshop in the state during the 1850s.: 1, 8, 21, 23 day catered to high-class white clientele and was .... Thomas day - african american furniture maker he was a freed black man and successful entreprenuer considered by many as a founder of the modern southern furniture industry..., in her book thomas day: master craftsman and free man of color, north carolina museum of history curator patricia marshall calls thomas day “one of the fathers of the north carolina furniture industry.” day, a free african american in the nineteenth century, owned one of the largest pre-civil war cabinet shops in north carolina..

Black owned home decor companies are in a good position to benefit from a growing home decor market if they can meet consumer needs., thomas day, probably the most famous craftsman to call caswell county home, was born 1801 to free black parents in dinwiddie county, southeast virginia. his father was john day, a farmer and skilled cabinetmaker whose products apparently were well-received in the local market..

Top 5 black -owned home decor and furniture stores . looking for home decor and furniture near you, preferably from a black-owned business? there are plenty to choose from., "the boyd bed was the first thing i purchased to begin my furniture collection," says mr. beard, who estimates he has 100 furnishings and accessories, from the plain folk style of an oak mortar .... North carolina’s most in-demand, pre-civil war, master cabinetmaker thomas day had everything it took to be southern royalty–land, money, education., derrick beard is determined to publicize an almost invisible part of american decorative arts history the 19th century furniture manufactured by african-americans such as thomas day, pierre ....

Maiden home was founded in 2015, and the brand sells sofas, sectionals, chairs, bed, ottomans, and more. each piece of their furniture is handcrafted in north carolina by skilled craftsmen with decades of experience, and they use high-quality, non-toxic materials to create products that will last.

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