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Aeg-combi-microwave-not-heating, if the microwave function in your microwave compact oven doesn't work there are several things you can do before calling an engineer. here is what they are.. Usually, the part takes about a week to get, so if you can get someone out right away, you will be down for about 10-12 days. you may want to invest in a small counter top model for the time it is down, they are pretty inexpensive if you get a very basic, low end model., find the answers to your aeg microwave questions in aeg's comprehensive faqs. issues, problems all can be resolved via our support section at

Aeg kr series, km series microwave troubleshooting. the aeg km series includes combination microwaves comprising of two ovens. the smaller one (it is on the top) is used for grilling, while the larger one, which is located below, is just a conventional oven., i believe the issue to be with the magnetron. the magnetron is the high voltage component (>2,500 volts!) that does the cooking. i would also replace the rectifier diode, the part that likely made the noise.. New well explained video here if your microwave works, has power and timer runs but there is no heating, the most common problem..., hello all, i have an aeg electric oven that has stopped working.the knob used to set the temperature still lights up and it sounds like it is on, as i can hear the fan probably..

I have a built-in aeg microwave mcc 663 which is absolutely dead although the switches indicate that there is power.the serial number is 206 oo766 and i suspect that it was installed when the flat was built in 2002., enjoy the combined power of oven and microwave cooking with this aeg 45cm combiquick combi microwave oven. featuring 1000w microwave and 1900w grill power, you can master all your recipes in this one appliance..

When your microwave doesn't heat or start, it's probably in demo mode. however, there are some other things that can cause the problem such as door errors, an issue with the control panel, the setting being used, or not enough clearance.

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