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Accent-wall-trim-same-color-or-same-as-ceiling, along with what color to paint their walls, clients often ask me if the trim needs to be painted white or if it can match the wall color. i feel like we’re used to seeing a crisp white trim, but it isn’t a hard-and-fast rule, just something we see time and again that we think is a “rule.” here are 8 examples to use as inspiration to prove that you can paint the walls and trim in your .... The first step for beginning work on our master bedroom was paint! i wanted a very subtle blue-gray-green. and i wanted to make sure it was subtle. i feel like people often want a subtle color for a room, but picking from paint swatches is hard and you have to go extremely muted or else once it’s up in full form on all four walls it ends up intense more, to create an inviting look, deep blues can be considered as choices to color walls and interior trim in the same color. of course, the reason is none other but the fact that deep blues can create an inviting look with the combination of relaxing dark shades and an appearance that is not too dark..

We painted all our walls and trim including 6 inch tall base boards all the same color using two different sheens. house is described as a california cottage; originally bust in 1958 we have only eight football ceilings with no crown moldings., one of the paint questions we receive most concerns painting interior doors and trim. it usually goes something like this, “the walls in my room are painted (fill in the blank) color. i’m concerned about painting the doors and trim in the room white, because i feel it will just make them stand out more..

The right wall and trim color combinations is a thing that is useful in building interesting interior design. check out the five best combinations of the wall and trim color here., here's a job that is almost completed. the before pics show the awkward transitions from walls to ceilings at the columns, etc. now that this is all one color it really feels like a seamless envelope and seems more open and spacious..

The bedroom actually looks larger – in large part due to the lighter paint color than extends up and over the room. in this situation, i chose to paint the ceiling the same as the wall color., how to decide if a ceiling needs to be a different color than the walls. a ceiling is sometimes called the fifth wall in a room because of its decorating impact on a space. deciding whether to use ....

A terrific, easy and cheap way to make your bathroom seem larger is with paint. there are plenty of ways to make your small bathroom feel larger, but few tactics give your bath more of a punch than paint.

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