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Paste-finishing-wax-on-painted-furniture, i have found best way to achieve an authentic antiqued look with dark wax is to mix it with clear wax, brush on, then wipe off the excess. go back with a brush and push a little additional dark wax into the corners and cracks of the furniture, to mimic the look of “dirt” collected over the years.. Paste wax requires time, patience and a lot of elbow action to apply it to a piece of furniture. not used as much as it once was, paste wax has been replaced by polyurethane and varnish products ..., a thin even coat can be conveniently applied by placing a small quantity of minwax® paste finishing wax in double thickness of cheese cloth and applying only the amount that works through cloth as it is rubbed over the surface. allow minwax® paste finishing wax to dry thoroughly (10-15 minutes).

–paste wax is a beautiful product and gives a lovely finish. however, in high use areas it can scratch, and easily wears. it is really meant to enhance the finish, not protect the wood. i know if i put it on a table top with my kids, the little monsters would put a fork mark right across the top two seconds after i was done., paste wax has been used for centuries to seal, protect and add shine to wood furniture. paste wax dries to a hard, but very thin, protective finish which makes it the best choice for maintaining fully finished furniture. it is … continue reading →.

(guest post by paul moore) s ince people started making things with wood, wax has been used to polish it. wax has, in fact, been used in some way as a finish for hundreds of years – if not longer. why has wax been the default for wood finishes for so many years?, get gorgeous results with black furniture wax on your painted furniture. see how to apply furniture wax to make those details pop. antiquing painted furniture with furniture wax creates a dramatic effect like on this painted claw foot table. applying furniture wax really brings out the details.

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