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915-mhz-microwave-oven, we've all noticed that microwaves don't cook very evenly, leaving hot and cold pockets throughout the food. we could fix this by using lower frequency microw.... The microwave energy was transmitted from the magnetron under the oven to a glass dome in the back top of the oven through a waveguide (915 mhz). the energy was then emitted into the cavity heating the food. modern microwave ovens still use waveguides to deliver the microwave energy from the magnetron to the cavity., 915 mhz microwave oven from 1971 hotpoint rhv886 with self clean - duration: 8:04. 3beltwesty 2,788 views. 8:04. how a microwave oven works - duration: 7:56..

Abstract. a study was conducted to find a rapid thawing method which prevents excessive drip loss and local overheating. effects of thawing methods (conventional thawing vs. 2,450 and 915 mhz microwave thawing) on thawing time, temperature profile, drip loss, water holding capacity, total color difference and total aerobes were investigated., max industrial microwave thawing and defrost machine features: 1. temperature rapidly rise up from -20~-18℃ to -4 ℃~0℃,easily further defrost the frozen material. 2. 915 mhz has a better penetrate ability to defrost meat, sea food and other material.. Max industrial microwave system has two major type tunnel and oven, mainly applied for industrial field, university, researching department, food industry and drying field, home: view emf studies (static,elf) 0-300 hz: view emf studies (intermediate) 300 hz-300 khz: view emf studies (rf/mmw/thz) 300 khz-300 ghz: advanced search.

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