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5e-error-in-samsung-microwave-oven, when my samsung microwave was just over a year old it failed giving me an "5e" or "se" error code which an internet search told me was the code for a failed .... Samsung microwaves that display the dreaded se or 5e error code now have a fix. samsung has a new kit out to fix this issue. instead of having to replace the touch pad assembly by itself they have a complete kit out to fix this error code. believe it or not the fix is fairly easy but rather costly., detailed instructions on how to fix the error code e-11, se, 5e, e83 in the samsung microwave. the causes of the error, tips on how to fix the breakage of the microwave..

If you're handy you can definitely replace the part yourself. it costs about $30 and below is a link to the part. click here for touch control if you are handy, this is definitely something you can replace yourself., be careful unlocking and disconnecting the keypad strip. other connectors have locks, too. once your board is out of your old control panel frame, move it to the panel assembly, but be careful since the display is made of glass.if you break the glass, you will need a new board!.

Se samsung micro repair. more microwave help: microwave tripping the breaker light bulbs for microwave microwave oven will not turn on microwave plate is not rotating, 1 check the drain pump and/or debris filter for obstructions depending of the model of your washing machine. sample instruction how to clean a debris filter is as per under.. Faq for samsung cooking. find more about 'microwave errors codes.' with samsung support., 5e error and sensor panel fix. you can find many fixes for the microwave sensor panel buttons over the internet. i will tell you about one of them..

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